2016 I Venice, Italy I Victoria Tsay

 2016 I Venice, Italy I Victoria Tsay


#Meanwhile In...

If I could choose any profession in the world, it would definitely be to be a professional traveler (and eater?) I was lucky enough to grow up with parents who instilled the importance of learning about new cultures and meeting new people from a very young age - I remember my first international trip was Mommy Tsay bringing an excited six-year-old me to meet my grandparents in Taiwan and explore the country she called home. This turned into high school summers in Taiwan, where I discovered Taiwanese pop music and feverishly watched pirated episodes of Meteor Garden and Devil Beside You on YouTube. 

When I graduated college and realized my summer vacations were coming to an end, I promised myself that I would continue traveling. To push my learning beyond the walls of my cubicle, I promised that I would travel to a new country every year.  I hope to document my travels by sharing photos and itineraries here. 


2019 - Coming Soon! 

2018 - Zurich, Lugano, Montreux, & Wengen, Switzerland | Ljubljana, Portoroz, & Pirenze, Slovenia

2017 - Montreal, Canada

2016 - Casenza, Rome, & Venice, Italy I Madrid, Spain

2015 - Seoul, South Korea

2014 - Paris, France I Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand I Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan I Hong Kong, China

2013 - Graduated from college & kicked off travels with a homage to Taipei, Taiwan


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