When your products get in [rainbow] formation.

When your products get in [rainbow] formation.

I have a tiny obsession with skincare. 

First, I am not a dermatologist or esthetician. I firmly believe that skin is a tricky thing and is unique to each individual and environment.

My skin is often dehydrated, I was born with permanent dark eye bags, and my cheeks are freckled with stubborn post-acne pigmentation. I get occasional whiteheads when I eat 'hot' foods and especially when I travel.  But despite these insecurities, for the most part I thank the skincare heavens [or at least a big hallelujah to my Mommy] for happy and healthy skin. I like to think my current skin condition is a result of the skincare methods and products I've picked up over the years, and these are the tips and tricks I want to share with you. I first started my skincare Instagram [@victoriaxtea] in 2016 and am extending my passion to this website in 2017. I hope these resources help on your journey to finding your own happy and healthy skin best.

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type | Normal to Dry

concerns | Dark circles, dehydration, post-acne pigmentation, occasional breakouts or irritation

current faves | Huxley, Tatcha, Aesop, Miirushop, double cleansing, hydrating toners.