004 Taiwanese Skincare Miirushop & Neogence Product Reviews


tl;dr I absolutely love the two Neogence products sent to me by Taiwanese skincare site Miirushop! I'm really excited to support a fellow Taiwanese-American and, most importantly, the skincare products that she has personally curated have truly delivered visible results for my skin!

Disclaimer: The following products were sent to me for review but these are my honest opinions and I was not required to post anything. I had an excellent experience with Eden and am genuinely excited to support Miirushop!

Taiwan holds a tremendously special place in my heart, and not simply because it’s where my parents were born or because of the fantastic food :] I was fortunate enough to spend many summers in Taiwan throughout my teenage years, which is when I became increasingly aware of skincare and overall wellness. I marveled at how local Taiwanese girls had seemingly perfect skin and wore tights outdoors to protect themselves from the sun. Meanwhile, I was sweating buckets and trying to find the nearest 7-11 or Family Mart for treasured air-conditioning and Nestea drinks with Wu Zun’s face on it. It was during these trips that I discovered Japanese Biore sunscreen, blotting sheets, and 3M Nexcare pimple patches. I stocked up on any sort of "Asian" skincare I could find, and when I returned home, I would attempt to apply my grade-school level Mandarin Chinese to translate directions and ingredient lists. 

Although I'm so glad K-Beauty drastically brought quality Asian skincare to the American mass market, I've always had a soft spot for Taiwanese skincare. And not to be biased, but I have consistently fallen in love with lesser known Taiwanese brands such as L’Herboflore, DMC (Do Me Care), and My Beauty Diary. Yet despite the high quality results, I always found it difficult to find and purchase these products - I had limited directions for family members like "I think they have a store in Taipei 101" or "It's in a black container with a pink orchid on it." So when I discovered that Eden had taken the time to found Miirushop, an online retailer focused on curating the best of Taiwanese skincare to its customers, the inner middle-schooler in me was jumping for joy and screaming, "FINALLY!" 

Miiru is Taiwanese for "Beautiful Girl" and embodies the holistic wellness that Eden hopes to bring to her customers. Eden personally curates skincare products that deliver scientific results without unnecessary additives. In addition, I love how Eden supplements her shop with wellness posts rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These posts always remind me of my own Mommy Tsay boiling chicken soup with goji berries on cold winter days :) 

After sharing my skin concerns (normal skin but dying of dryness under harsh heater conditions; permanent under eye bags) Eden was kind enough to send me two full-size Neogence products readily available on her site and two deluxe samples of products she was still considering curating. I've been realllllly slow to post my review (think: 5-6 months) because I wanted to make sure that I truly loved the products for their results and not simply because I'm biased :P And after finishing almost all of the products, I'm finally ready to share my thoughts! 

NEOGENCE Perfect Firming Renew Eye Cream:


This was the product I was most excited for because I've been self-conscious about my puffy and dark under-eye circles since grade school. In fact, my first delve into makeup in middle school wasn't for pretty eyeshadow colors or eyeliner, but for cake-y under-eye concealer. While most of the research I've read simply states that under-eye circles are genetic and the best thing to do is to accept it, I do remember one knowledgeable Sephora associate being honest to me that the only eye creams I should spend money on are ones with Caffeine, which this Neogence eye cream contains. Caffeine is generally considered effective against puffiness and dark circles by constricting blood vessels and tightening the skin. Also included in the formula is a blend of Vitamin A Palmitate and Matrixyl 3000, which Miirushop claims stimulates collagen production. The formula is thin, milky, and nonirritating - it sinks into my eye area very quickly, and most importantly does not incur any milia (which I have gotten from other heavier formulas). To further help with de-puffing, this product comes in really innovative packaging - it has a metal-like rollerball applicator that is very cooling, even without storing the product in the fridge. The bottom has a twisting knob that opens the applicator and dispenses as much product as the user needs. And a protective cap covers the applicator between each use, keeping everything hygienic. This product is so convenient to use and creates such a nice smooth canvas for under-eye makeup in the mornings - but honestly this product left me confident enough to go out without any under-eye makeup. I'm not saying it erased my under-eye bags but I did always feel refreshed to where I didn't care that my bags were showing. Perhaps the only downside of this is I went through it so quickly - the 10ml only lasted me about a month - while most other eye creams seemingly last forever. But it's likely because I was constantly using it and showing it off to Mommy Tsay, who also fell in love. I would absolutely 100% repurchase this at $25 for 10ml, although I currently have two opened eye creams that I need to use up first. This is the first eye cream I'm rating as 5/5!

NEOGENCE Hydrating and Revitalizing Gel Mask:


While I flew through the eye cream in a month, I think the second product I received from Miirushop will last me forever - it's a giant 100ml that has already lasted me throughout the fall and will surely last me throughout the winter - I'm still only about halfway through the product. I generally have normal skin but the changing environment from urban NYC living leaves my skin confused and fairly dry - it's cold and windy during my 30-minute walk to work and then dry and hot in my heated office. To replenish my skin, I've been using this as a 15-minute wash-off mask about once a week but it sounds like Miirushop also recommends it as a 24-hour lasting moisturizer. I like that this feels like it is truly hydrating my skin without the sticky feeling. It's a creamy yet light moisturizing gel, a bit similar to the consistency of Belif's true cream or Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack but slightly thicker and seemingly more concentrated. My skin absolutely loves the ingredients list (disclaimer - I'm summarizing these from Miirushop's website description, but my skin really loves these ingredients and drinks them right up): Centella Asiatica Extract to reduce swelling, Hyaluronic Acid to retain moisture, Aloe Vera to soothe redness, and Allantoin to soften and stimulate skin cell regeneration. Tornare is new to me, but Miirushop claims this is a polysaccharide to protect skin against environmental pollutants - as someone living in NYC, all I can say is YES PLEASE! In addition, there is little-to-no fragrance with this, and it feels so gentle with no unnecessary ingredients that I'd say it's safe for those with sensitive skin. This is a great basic to have and I can reliably come back to this every week to help my skin. It's a little boring but in a good way so I'm rating this as a 4.5/5. I'd repurchase this at $31 for 100ml although I'm not sure when I'd need to because I have so much product left! 

Overall, I'm so excited to discover more innovative products through Eden's curations at Miirushop. I've already used up and loved the two additional samples she sent, Neogence's Hyaluronic Acid Toner (water-y, instantly absorbing) and Dr Wu's Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid (viscous, with the most adorable dropper) and hopes she curates both soon! What are your thoughts on Taiwanese skincare products? How do you think they compare to uber-popular Korean skincare products? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!